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The message of February 20th, 2012 (Seal with the Living God [see chapter 7 of Revelation for biblical reference]) must be study by all. If God has picked this time and generation to close human heritage as we understand it, His Seal are going to be an awesome Reward of mercy for people ready to listen.

The emails may be sent to all the individuals on liberal email lists – MoveOn, Sierra Club, Unions, etc. They may be place in option publications, each online and in print, to be forwarded. If your emails are prepared effectively plenty of, it's possible sufficient people today will desire to forward them in addition to a greater part of voters will get to examine them.

Our hopes for an interview with Hasenfus didn’t work out, but Sandinista officers did let's take a look at the flight data and various documents they had recovered from your plane. As Barger talked having a senior Nicaraguan officer, I unexpectedly copied down the entries from copilot Wallace “Excitement” Sawyer’s flight logs.

With that getting explained, other additional egregious samples of mass media complicity in dangerous lies instructed normally consist of the story that led into the demolishing of Iraq with deadly blow-again even now reverberating through the entire Center East.

The methods had been written some five hundred decades back but are stil to this day extremely important and appropriate looking at that politicians and civil servants use these strategies. If That is carried out on reason or not is yet another topic which i will not go into here. @ consortiumnews Thanks for a terrific internet site And that i anticipate examine and observe your website

For those who have an interest within our findings, we ship a digital duplicate in German. The Russian translation which we ordered and which is able to be checked by us for accuracy

Given that historic herding cultures began this damaging damaging otherizing has lead humanity to continue to propagate this culture-of-Dying for revenue and dominance that's the military-industrial-violence-advanced and animal fishing/agribusiness; With each other, they are killing individual people, nonhuman animals plus the residing devices of our Earth.

“We reside in a filthy and risky entire world. There are numerous items most people doesn't need to have to be aware of, and shouldn’t. I feel democracy flourishes when The federal government usually takes legitimate ways to maintain its strategies and once the press can make a decision no matter if to print what it knows.”

VOILA !!! The king created the suppliers of products and services satisfied with Rothschild credit; the financial institution had the gold; the general public experienced a guarantee the king would ultimately spend them in gold—which would likely by no means happen. Almost everything went easily provided that the bank could sell the guarantee as well as men and women did not need the gold. 3 As Benjamin Ginsburg has lamented in Lethal EMBRACE; (financiers) And also the Point out 4, finally the strategies, which stole the wealth through the folks, would come to a catastrophic climax. 5

“May possibly God hold you far from the venom on wow it love it have it the cobra, the tooth from the tiger, and the revenge of your Afghans.”

To market the pledge from the government (the Treasury stability) at the best rate, the financial institution will keep an auction but will camouflage it being an auction by The federal government.

Howard Zinn, creator/ historian, within an job interview by Yuri Loudon within the Internationalist, posted October eighteen, 2006 said, “I now believe only during the movements of the men and women that may modify historical past.

I fear my state is shed. On the other hand, there is that pendulum that always swings again. The revolution may or may not televised…but it's going to materialize. Those who have paid out focus will fare much better than individuals who adhere to fools. Everyday living for some time is about to be really messy.

I would like to come up with a donation for your enterprise, but I've run into difficult moments Because the 2008 meltdown. I’m seventy six yrs aged, attempting to create a residing for a freelance editor and author inside a society that has never highly regarded more mature people today, but even much less so now.

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